The idea of  “The Loft” comes from the book of Acts where the “room upstairs” or “upper room” appears a couple times, in “The Loft”:

  • The disciples hung out there after Jesus ascended into Heaven. (1:13)
  • They elected Matthias to be the twelfth apostle there. (1:26)
  • The tongues of fire visited during Pentecost, while everyone is in the upper room. (2:1)
  • Tabitha is brought back from the dead in her upper room. (9:39)

The upper room i.e.; The Loft is a place where the disciples sought the Lord and powerful events took place. Our vision for The Loft is for that reality to take place again today. Our vision is for each student to seek the Lord and to draw closer to Him. We believe that God is constantly calling us to “Come Up Higher” and our goal is for The Loft to create an environment that is a catalyst for that!

The Loft is a place of Connection, Empowerment, Dreams, Increase and Honor.